Lg tv subtitle code page

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Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. How to add encoding types for subtitles on lg tv? Changing it changes the subtitles encoding, but they only have Latin, Latin2, Cyrillic, Turkish and Korean.

Does anyone know if it is possible to add encodings to this menu???

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You will also be able to participate in discussions. So if you'd like to get involved, register for an account, it'll only take you a minute! Skip to Contents. LG Community US. How to Clean your Smartphone 3. Top Spring Cleaning Tips from the Pros. DanielNG Member. Copy Link. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I hope at least to get some guidance to whom I could address the problem. First to emphasize that I am extremely satisfied with my C8, but the subtitles in HDR with the built-in video player are very very bright I tried all available colors.

Probably the yellow is not so bad but as we all know it may lead to faster pixels degradation burn in Is there any possibility for GRAY color to be add in the subtitle color option?

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Best Answer Login to Add a Comment. April 1,pm Accepted Answer. October 16,am. Any update on this?? Having a semi transparent option in subtitle colour would be really helpful. Or linking the "oled light" option to the menu and subtitle brightness would also be really helpful.Skip to content. Quick links. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you ib. Check your device manual. I went to the lg link you gave me and I read this about their subtitle guidelines.

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For subtitles to display correctly, the video and subtitle files must have the same name. What about the PGS subtitles that are with the video? I thought maybe there would be a conflict with the.

lg tv subtitle code page

Please advise. I should note that you should pay attention to the source for the. This will cause. There will be times when you have to try several before finding a correct match. Theoretically, the player will 'see' the options it supports, so if it didn't 'see' the embedded subs, but supports.

If a player supports both, subtitle controls will likely offer both as options. Simply put It not being recognized. The lg website says this: For subtitles to display correctly, the video and subtitle files must have the same name.

Last edited by d00zah on Wed Aug 01, am, edited 1 time in total. Rather than uploading a copy of the.Whether you're hard of hearing or just want a little more clarity when trying to make out quiet or mumbled dialogue, the closed-captioning setting can help. Turning on the captions, which are available for both broadcast and digital content, is quite simple.

lg tv subtitle code page

Open caption controls. When viewing live TV, simply hit the Enter button to pull up the show information banner, along with two small icons in the upper-right corner of the screen.

One of these icons is marked "CC," and lets you turn the captions on and off. Turn on captions. Selecting this icon turns the captions on. You'll receive an on-screen notification that captions have been enabled. Confirm that the captions are on.

Captions show up immediately to accompany any content you may be watching on live TV. Another way to turn on closed-captioning is to go to the Accessibility settings in the main Settings menu. Open the Accessibility menu. In the main Settings menu, open the Accessibility controls. In addition to adjusting the captions, you can change the menu appearance for readability, turn on voice-guide narration and more.

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Open Closed Caption Settings. In the Accessibility controls, you will find an option for captions, which will let you turn closed-captioning on and off as well as adjust the specifics of how caption text appears. Tom's Guide. How to turn on captions on your LG TV Whether you're hard of hearing or just want a little more clarity when trying to make out quiet or mumbled dialogue, the closed-captioning setting can help. Topics LG.Forgot your password?

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Absolutely no excuse not to save the last used choice for the subtitle Code Page so I hope it will be implemented in the future firmware updates. Update your TV firmware and Code Page will be saved, and every next playing it will be like last time. So the Code Page choice saving has already been solved?

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I can see the latest firmware is 4. For example, with You were right - after updating the firmware to Unfortunately web browser still sometimes restarts when browsing the pages. However, it now restarts with 'Out of memory' error code before there wasn't any error reports. I hope the transparent subtitle background and subtitle outline options will be implemented in the near future.


And there is one more thing about the subtitle handling - I believe it's so important it deserves a separate thread so I am going to open a new topic I would like to point that all my video files have "apost;" text everywhere in betweenwould like to get rid of that in future updates firmware. I have to set the Windows code page for every movie i wanna watch with subtitles BTW the menu for code page change is hidden really well.

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lg tv subtitle code page

Join Date Feb Posts 5. Embedded mkv subtitles and LG 42LE Hi all, I have little trouble and because of that now i'm forced to start this thread. What actually is my drama - LG 42LE was unable to display any kind of subs, which are embedded in mkv files, so now i'm trying to find out how to make Mezzmo to burn all mkv embedded subs to video stream, always, but until now i can't find right combination of settings to force Mezzmo to do that simple task.

C8 too bright subtitles in HDR

How about to give us access to these profiles for making chages to supported formats and other things in it? For me personally will be usefull for example to have access for choosing options like "Always transcode MKV files" or "Always transcode files with DTS audio" another little trouble with combination of 42LE and DTS-HD MA with which settings in combination with possibility to choose for any particular device audio and video output formats will be very convenient i think.

Last but not least - is there a possibility to choose output video and audio formats not only for pre-transcoding, but for "transcode on the fly " as well? My point is that maybe a little more access to some advanced settings will be appreciated by many of your clients Anyway, thanks in advance to everybody, who will help me to figure out how to solve my problem.

And, let us know what device profile is assigned to your TV in Mezzmo. Go to the Media Devices dialog in Mezzmo to see this.

lg tv subtitle code page

Mezzmo Android: Install it on your tablet, smartphone, Android TV or Amazon Fire to browse and stream files from your Mezzmo library to all your devices. Hi sergos, Here's a way to get your embedded SRT subtitles streamed to your LG TV that does not support embedded subtitles, but does support external subtitles : Right-click on the video in Mezzmo and click Properties Go to the Subtitles tab in the Properties dialog Click the 'Extract Subtitles' button to extract subtitles as an external SRT file In the Subtitle Settings dialog, adjust the language and code page if necessary so that they display correctly.

Click OK to add this new subtitle file to the list of Subtitles Click OK to save your changes and try streaming again. Replies: 7 Last Post:AM. Replies: 23 Last Post:PM. Replies: 6 Last Post:PM. Replies: 1 Last Post:AM. Can, and if so, How to play Subtitles with mezzmo if embedded, or in srt fromat? By phenomonlaity in forum Mezzmo Wish List and Feedback. Replies: 3 Last Post:AM. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Archive Top.As for the issues I do agree that subtitle options are too many clicks away, the 4K TrueHD transcoding issue is also a bit annoying and also this:. Hi Plex Team. I love the clean lines of the new App but have one comment. You need to be able to toggle between a grid thumbnail view and a simple list. In the old app and in the lovely iPad app there was a choice to toggle between grid and list. Thanks, Brian. Whether I am in the movie info, the tv show info, season info, or episode info there is no option anywhere that I can find to add something to a playlist.

Am I blatantly missing something or am I correct that it is not there. Why is this happening. This happens with any audio format.

New app is fantastically fast compared to previous versions, so thumbs up on that. Love the new look, sleeker and more options on left menu visible, however, one quite big issue I see is the new screensaver showing slides of existing media.

If the screensaver had an option to choose slideshow or the Plex logo, as it was in the last version that would be a better option. My reasoning for this is the potential for inappropriate screensavers whilst watching media with young children.

One other issue so far is the size of the media tiles, they are quite big! Being able to choose the size of the tiles and I suppose as a consequence, the number of visible tiles would be awesome.

I am sure this option would have already been requested somewhere. Is there a way to filter the logs down to just the relevant logs? Edit: I just tried disabling all channels apart from one that has accurate EPG info, and the issue still occurs.

Daniel15 thanks for the info, 5. Thank you markus!

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The new version does seem to behave much better for live TV. Yes, you can. They do however work fine when on secure connection.


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